Lazy day in the world of goth

What I want to say with my post title is that it's Saturday and I am sooo lazy. I am in my sofa, with my laptop, enjoying my morning cup of coffee (priceless feeling) and blogging. I have no intention of doing anything whatsoever, including laundry or cleaning.  Ok I might have to eat.
I just want to enjoy my gothness by doing absolutely nothing :).
But I know that if I keep sitting in this sofa I will feel rotten so in the afternoon I might go for a walk to the forest near by. That's the benefit of living in Sweden. Wherever you are, there is always a forest near you. And I love it.
So yes, usually me and my significant other take afternoon walks on Saturday evenings. It's a nice but cold day so I might take my camera and shoot something.

Hmm, what's the soundtrack of the day?

Well of course The Cure - A forest


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