Been away for a while but for a good reason. I'm now a Goth Mum

Hello my dear gothlings.

So yes I have exciting news. On the 30th of September I became the proud mum to an amazing son which makes me officially a goth mum. Well to be honest I don't feel so much goth for the moment. Of course my wardrobe consists only of black and goth items but between diaper changes and breastfeeding there is not much room for me to wear any of my cool clothes. Leggings, breastfeeding tops and my pjs is all I wear. Black of course though.

Anyway, since I became a parent I know started to pay closer attention to baby clothes. Well, duh, you will say. The fact that I don't wear my old goth items doesn't mean that my little one can't be a newbie goth himself.

I have created a few designs on my store and I got some cool presents from my friends and family.
How cute is that?

Here you can take a look at some of my other baby clothes designs.

On a side note, I am one of those parents that don't believe in posting pictures of their little ones online. So apologies for no photos with him but I want to respect his privacy as much as possible (I might make a new entry where I cover this matter).

Nonetheless, motherhood is amazing and I'm going crazy making cute designs for my little one. I hope you like them.

I'll be back with more cool items so stay tuned!


The TOP 5 tips to date a gothster!

Let's admit it. Most of us have gone through that phase in our life of romantic preferences closer to Scissorhands and rockstars rather than prince William. During those dark ages, we are searching for the pale vampire that will abduct us and fly us to his magical world, where we will be the queen of darkness living in the great medieval castle that rules the forests of neverland. Here is how to find yours:

1) In order to manage to find the appropriate one and lure him to choose us for a lifetime by his side, we need to know where those guys usually go out. Those vampires can be found at the local vamps, gothic pubs or if the area we live in is pretty boring, maybe at the local metal bar.

2) When you see nothing like the lord of your dreams, but instead you see dirty wackos smoking dope and dancing like apes, do not lose your hopes. It takes lots of digging in dusty caves and shitholes until you manage to dig out a precious stone. Go several times at the same place, until you are certain that no new faces are ever going to enter that door. When this happens, move on, find a new place or if necessary consult your amazing friend called THE INTERNET. Seriously, best chances to meet someone awesome is online. Also you have higher chances to meet a pervert or a killer if you get desperate.

3) And you finally see one that seems sexy as frank, pale and mysterious, semi-hiding in the shades of the pub's wall decorative deep red curtains. Number one move, is throwing him a sharp and cold, almost hostile glance, that will chill him to the bones. It is the dance of the wolves, the chance to tell him everything you were dreaming all this time, in a couple of seconds. It is also very convenient if you have a bad sight and you need to squint to see him better. Double win! Then just before he starts to doubt your intentions, smile at him with confidence and turn your head elsewhere, throwing him some sporadic glances to keep his fire burning. If you meet him on the internet, google all Poe's quotes and talk to him about the adventures you dream to live in haunted castles in Scotland.

4) When he finally makes the move and asks you out, make sure that you spend every minute you have available planning the date to the finest detail: from the perfect place, the ideal outfit, the words that you will possibly exchange, the "after" activities and even what you will drink, eat and how will you avoid buses, the need to buy something from a grocery store and anything else that will remind you of the current century we live in and the "normal people".

5) If everything fails and all the cuties you meet or have the potential to meet, run away like demonized, then maybe you need to stop all this crap and simply be yourself. Gothsters are normal people who love goth music, may love or even hate gothic dress-ups, have humor, can handle perfectly reality and the 21st century and love girls in the way that all men do: some like talls, some shorties, some blondes, some goths, some sweet virgins in pink. So next time you see that untamed beast that you wish to make yours, be yourself and hope that you are compatible and he likes you back!


Ada "Ravenworld" Elliott


Casual gothic, rock, alternative style for men

Who said that a simple t-shirt cannot be part of your gothic outfit? It's all in the attitude guys and granted men can get away easier with that :)

A nice t-shirt if matched nicely can create an amazing gothic or metal outfit for our beloved guys. Of course it doesn't have to be plain black, it can be one with your favourite band or a badass stamp.

Have you checked the t-shirts here?

(Psss, did you know that there is a 15% off-of-everything-deal until the 13nth of January 2015 if you use the code: HEART15? Hurry!)
Men's rock/goth/metal style

Men's gothic/metal club outfit



Some new t-shirts for your gothic days and nights

As you may have read on my profil text I run a small webshop where I offer you t-shirts and a few more clothing items of gothic, ebm and alternative style in general.

I would like to point out that you do not need to make any purchases and I'm already grateful that you are here reading my blog.

The reason why I started this e-shop is because I can't get enough of gothic t-shirts and well mainly to maintain and support this blog. I love blogging and I wish I could just sit all day writing :)

But reality doesn't let me do that.

Nonetheless it's a new year and I'll try to write as often as I can and also I want to introduce a few new designs on my shop.

Remember, buying from me support also the creators of the amazing designs so you get extra credits for that.

On a different note, I just came back from my trip to Berlin where I spend two of my nights in the amazing Last Cathedral gothic club and had a great time! The decoration was simply amazing. I fell in love with the palce and I hope I get to go back there soon.


Goth Style Clothing Inspiration

The term “Goth” can be dated back to the Renaissance era and was used to describe a certain subset of art and architecture, such as those that included Gargoyles or depictions of hell. 

As such, these forms of art was considered unattractive and shunned upon. Later in the 18th century, the term became used when referencing elements of horror in literature.

What is Goth Style?
Today, though, Goth is almost unanimously referred as a sense of fashion that deviates from the norm with heavy emphasis on dark colors to bring about a sense of melancholy and morbid appearance. Often, people who adopt Goth fashion are often stereotyped as outcasts, rebels, or as the “uncool kids.” However, Gothic fashion is actually a form of self-expression and embracing the opposite of what society has defined as hip or trendy.

For those that want to know how to dress Goth and embrace every meaning of the term, know that there are no rules or fashion faux pas since the style is all about being you. With that being said, though, Goth culture and fashion can be divided into two divisions: old-style and modern Goth.

Old School Goth
Old style Goth became prominent during the 1980s and 90s among fans of the rock & roll and punk music genre. People began adopting the style of dress, which often consisted of dressing from head-to-toe in dark-colored clothing. This may include black boots, trench coats, frayed jackets, ripped skinny jeans, torn stockings, and clothing with a lot of metal buckles and straps. It also includes accessories like spiked neck collars, black nail polish, and fingerless gloves.

To get a better idea of popular Goth styles, think of notable Hollywood characters, such as Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family, or Winona Ryder’s character from Beetlejuice.

Some may also opt for a more attention-grabbing appearance by donning white face paint, black lipstick, and heavy eyeliner. Marilyn Manson is a classic example of someone who has embraced this form of Goth.

Furthermore, old Goth may also adopt elements from medieval culture. For men, aim for loose trousers and pirate-styled shirts. Women should aim for long flowing skirts combined with a bodice or corset worn outwardly. While this is not an accurate depiction of actual medieval fashion, medieval Goth is more about embracing the fantasy elements of the West’s romanticizing of the middle ages.

Modern Goth Fashion
There is also contemporary Goth style clothing. Keep in mind that the difference between old and new Goth isn’t always distinguishable, and there are grey areas. In any case, Goth is Goth, so don’t get too caught up in how the two differ. In learning how to dress Goth, you will likely find that the right style for you falls somewhere in between.

However, modern Goth for the most part may combine old Goth culture with fashion that would normally be deemed the opposite of what Goth is. Take Japan’s Lolita and kawaii culture for instance. These styles often involve overly cutesy clothing that makes heavy use of accessories like umbrellas, bonnets, bow ties, and a lot of pink and bright colors.
Despite Goth and kawaii fashion seemingly being polar opposites, much inspiration can be drawn by combining the two styles into one. This may include dark-colored Lolita and kawaii clothing. In place of Hello Kitty or other cutesy accessories, use ones containing images of skulls, coffins, or zombies. Some people may even just wear normal clothing and give it a Gothic element.

Adopt Your Own Goth Style
If you want to learn how to dress Goth, just look up a few images online for inspiration and go from there. In the beginning, there will be a lot of experimenting. Ultimately, you will find the right combination of Goth style clothing that you can confidently wear as a statement of your personality.

Ashley Williamson is a freelance blogger and journalist. She likes blogging about alternative fashion trends, and soak up inspiration for her writing through her travels in South East Asia.


Electronic Summer 2014 in Gothenburg

So who is going?
We are seriously considering about it but we haven't decided yet due to work obligations and since we don't live in Gothenburg. It's not that far from where we live but still it's a distance/cost we need to consider.


Gothic style tips for men - August 2014

Hello my dear darklings. It's August, which means that it's summer in half the planet. So, how do you dress in a uber cool gothic style when it's that warm outside? Lucky for me and I guess for many that live in the nothern parts of Europe it's not that warm so we don't suffer from our gothic outfits.

However I'm going to show you how to rock the style and remain cool and this post is dedicated to men. Only men's fashion on this one!

This is a great example of short pants that match well a goth/emo/ebm/metal outfit.
You can find it here
Or what abou something like that?

You can find it here.

This awesome T-shirt is very summery don't you agree? Feeling hot from the heat? Jump in and have a refreshing bloody bath with the companion of your choice.
You can find it here.

Or this one if you want to look more formal:
You can find it here.
Are you a Depeche Mode fan? Worry not. This shirt is for you!
You  can find it here

Do you like sculls? Then this is the shirt for you. It always crack me up when people are asking me with fear in their face "Why on earth do you wear sculls on you? Why do you like them?" Well I answer them, why do you like flowers? I mean we all are going to end up like that in the end, I mean skeletons, so there is nothing to fear, right? Right :)
You can find it here.

Regarding shoes, since it's summer I will let you get away with simple trainers, black please, because I understand how tough it is to walk with heavy boots. Or why not a pair of black all-stars?

Found on Pinterest

Now you are all set! No excuses for not rocking a goth style even during summer!
Enjoy my darklings.


Little goths in the making fashion


I'm at a friends kids clothes store and this cute little goth tutu got my attention. Which lucky kid will be wearing it ;) ?

Dystopian style on Pinterest


Hey all. Just testing the sharing function on my phone from Pinterest  to Blogger.

Jadene sheepskin biker jacket in grey #style #leather #fashion - http://pinterest.com/pin/42925002674122459/?utm_source=android_share

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