Gothic nails style

Well you can call it whatever you like. It's with no doubt a dark style and sometimes I call it gothic somethings EBM or Industrial, since I'm more of an EBM kind of girl.

Since my semi-permanent manicure I did a few weeks ago reached its final days it was high time I did something about it. So off with the old, in with the new. This time I decided to go for my classic black nail polish but with a little twist.

I'm using a Maybelline Color Show nail polish called Blackout and here is a picture of it:

And then I used this glittery stripes nail polish from Isadora, N.863

Both of them here:

So first I applied the black nail polish and after a few minutes, when it dried, I applied the glittery-stripes Isadora (I don't know if there is a better word for it, but it's glittery and they are stripes so there you have it :) ).

And here is the result. Cool yes?

Since I'm not a nails professional please pardon my amateur-manicure but I hope you like it and that it gives you some inspiration.

Experiment my friends and stay cool, stay goth!


A collection of beautiful gothic queens on Pinterest

Look at these beauties. I decided to search for Gothic queen to get some more elegant results and I was successful. I absolutely love this board!

Follow Nikki Poole-Lingo's board Goth Queen on Pinterest.

Dark goth girls Pinterest board

Yes I admit it, it's been a lazy weekend but I didn't give up on my goth habit on browsing around for goth-y stuff.

And I just discovered how to use Pinterest directly on blogger (I'll make a follow up post explaining exactly how to do it ;)

For now enjoy this amazing board with beautiful goth girls.

Follow Jet's board Dark Goth Girls on Pinterest.


VampireFreaks sales this weekend aka there goes my remaining money.

Well, well, well, look what arrived in my inbox today. Vampire freak is having a spring sale. ^_^

Just click and enjoy. I know I am.

Here are some items that are well on their way into my shopping cart.

Not a sales item but still adorable.

Omg, this one is so cute and perfect for the corporate goth in me :) Ideal for my meeting days.

And I know I seriously need a cool pair of pants and Tripp is my favourite brand, so I'm seriously thinking of buying this one.

(Note to self: Get on a diet. Not a starving one, just reduce the junk food a bit and get out and walk!!)

I know I know I should just do it. But having just started playing Elder scrolls online, and along with today's bad weather, training or just go out for a walk in the amazing nature is not the first thing on my mind. 
That being said, I should just get on finishing my order and get back to my game :)


Yet another amazing Grown-up Goth Pinterest Board

Look what I found today while browsing on Pinterest. This amazing board with lots of grown up Goth outfits, for women.

If you are using Pinterest follow this amazing user and her board. (I'm not affiliated in any way with this board, I just like sharing awesome things that I find on the net :) )

Click here for Pinterest board


The Cruxshadows - Winterborn

I'm working and I have a random goth/ebm radio station playing on Spotify (based on the music I like) and now this song came on and it so reminded me of my younger years when I was an innocent little bat :)
It's romantic in a sense.



How I spent my weekend? With my Gothic Beauty Magazine!

What's best that enjoying a dark weekend, being home at your sofa or bed with a glass of red wine and your favourite magazine in hands? Yup, that's what I did!

I admit that I have been a bit lazy with my magazines and it's been a while since I last bought one so I decided it was time I catch up!

I'm not good on reviews and this is not a review blog but I really want to describe how everything went.

As you see on the picture above, I ordered my Gothic Beauty magazine (but I went for issue 41) and I decided to go for the digital version. I own a tablet nowadays so I said why not? I didn't even hesitate.

The ordering procedure was smooth. It didn't feel automatic so it must be processed manually. Yay for personal customer service. After a few hours of me placing the order I recieved the instructions and the neccessary links.

It was very easy. You need to download the Magzter application (available in android, ios and windows phone) and from there you need to login with your username and the password the Magazine sends you. 

So, you download and open the application, login as explained on the email and then you click on the three lines on top and left of the screen. there you see your "purchases" and once you click it you'll see the latest GothicBeauty Magazine cover (at the time of this post issue 43 was the latest as you can see on the link). Click on it and give it a moment to load all the previous issues. The one you purchased will be available to read now.

I decided to buy issue 41 because I wanted to read the Front Line Assembly interview :)

So this is how I spent this weekend :) 

It's been a while since I read a goth related magazine and I sure did miss the feeling. However, I know that for my summer holidays I will get the printed version. I wouldn't want my lovely tablet to get sand inside it.

So how did you spent your weekend? And most of all, do you have any digital or printed magazines of choice? Or feeds?

Be well and stay goth!


Gothic style tips for men - Classic 80s Gothic style

I know that I write mostly about me and my girly stuff (aka gothic style tips for girls) and it's been a long since since I last made a men's dedicate post, so here it is.

This post is going to be dedicated to men only and I will offer a few suggestions on how to dress with a gothic style, especially if you are an 80s goth person (think Sisters of Mercy here or Siouxsie).

Well, that's kind of easy. Any simple black T-shirt or shirt, plain preferably, will work just fine. However, look what I found for you to wear on top of that. What can go better than a Siouxsie jacket?
You can find it on VampireFreaks here:

So what about pants? Worry not, I'll show you what to wear. Well, you can always go for your black pair of pants, but the trend in the 80s goth was (and still is for the true fans of that period) tight or skinny pants.
Something like that:
You can find this pair of tight black jeans here.

And who says you cannot wear them elsewhere? But admit it. It is the best choice for a classic goth club night out. Well for any goth club night out actually.

Last but not least, we have the shoes. From what I mostly see from my fellow 80s gothers (yes my word) that's the kind of shoes they like. The pointier the better :)

But of course your Dr.Martens are also a perfect much, as well as any boots, but avoid the New Rock style. Not that I don't like them, I love New Rock boots, but they go with a more modern gothic outfit. If you want to keep it simple and classic (80s), modern boots are a no-no.

However, the most important accessory you would need is your attitude :).

Take a lesson from the best in the field, mr. Andrew Eldritch. I mean, can you beat that?

So there you go. You ready for your big night out, hitting the goth clubs. I hope you enjoyed my tips. Feel free to email me if you have any requests at xanthi[@]gothicfashion.se. I will do my best to help you and I will dedicate a post only to you!

Stay goth.

Grown up goth to die for

I don't know about you, but I seriously love this one.

And it's an amazing casual, work acceptable, grown-up goth outfit. Well ok, depending on where you work but I guess in most places it should be fine. If you cannot wear it at work, consider a style like this for doing chores in the city and meet your friends later for a coffee or drink to catch up.

Comfy, stylish and "dark" :)

Beautiful elegant goth dress for fancy events

Isn't this a very elegant dress suitable to wear in fancy events like weddings (yes black dress on a wedding is perfectly acceptable) or any sort of events that require black tie dress code.

BTW, this is from my Pinterest boards. 
Here is my Goth inspired board and here is my Black fashion board. You can say that the latter is my "grown-up goth" board ;)

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