Electronic Summer 2014 in Gothenburg

So who is going?
We are seriously considering about it but we haven't decided yet due to work obligations and since we don't live in Gothenburg. It's not that far from where we live but still it's a distance/cost we need to consider.


Gothic style tips for men - August 2014

Hello my dear darklings. It's August, which means that it's summer in half the planet. So, how do you dress in a uber cool gothic style when it's that warm outside? Lucky for me and I guess for many that live in the nothern parts of Europe it's not that warm so we don't suffer from our gothic outfits.

However I'm going to show you how to rock the style and remain cool and this post is dedicated to men. Only men's fashion on this one!

This is a great example of short pants that match well a goth/emo/ebm/metal outfit.
You can find it here
Or what abou something like that?

You can find it here.

This awesome T-shirt is very summery don't you agree? Feeling hot from the heat? Jump in and have a refreshing bloody bath with the companion of your choice.
You can find it here.

Or this one if you want to look more formal:
You can find it here.
Are you a Depeche Mode fan? Worry not. This shirt is for you!
You  can find it here

Do you like sculls? Then this is the shirt for you. It always crack me up when people are asking me with fear in their face "Why on earth do you wear sculls on you? Why do you like them?" Well I answer them, why do you like flowers? I mean we all are going to end up like that in the end, I mean skeletons, so there is nothing to fear, right? Right :)
You can find it here.

Regarding shoes, since it's summer I will let you get away with simple trainers, black please, because I understand how tough it is to walk with heavy boots. Or why not a pair of black all-stars?

Found on Pinterest

Now you are all set! No excuses for not rocking a goth style even during summer!
Enjoy my darklings.


Little goths in the making fashion


I'm at a friends kids clothes store and this cute little goth tutu got my attention. Which lucky kid will be wearing it ;) ?

Dystopian style on Pinterest


Hey all. Just testing the sharing function on my phone from Pinterest  to Blogger.

Jadene sheepskin biker jacket in grey #style #leather #fashion - http://pinterest.com/pin/42925002674122459/?utm_source=android_share


Post apocalyptic style

I have watched too many post apocalyptic movies and and I'm a huge fan of this genre.

Some of the movies I have seen and really love are:

  • Equilibrium,
  • Matrix (of course)
  • Book of Eli
  • Mad Max (THE most post apocalyptic film, imho)
  • The Postman
  • Hunger games

and many many more that I can't remember right now.

Besides a good plot, I love me some dystopian/post-apocalyptic fashion.

I'm actually looking to find something of that style without being torn apart which is not easy because that's the point of that fashion. It should look torn and worn out in a futuristic kind of way. But until I find what I want, I decided to take a look at the my lovely Pinterest which, once again, did not let me down.

For all of you post apocalyptic fans, here is a board for you.
I intend on building my own soon, but until then enjoy this one!

Follow John Wait's board Apocalism on Pinterest.

Back from holidays and the weather is so goth

Hello all. I was away on summer holidays in Greece where I got a lot of sun (so un-goth I know) and I did a lot of snorkeling which I loved, saw my friends and family etc., and in general I had a great time.

I got almost sunburned the first week because I have a very fair skin and I used a 20 sunscreen only, which was not a good idea, so then I got a 50+ and my skin was saved. C'mon give me some goth points for that :)

Anyway, I want to share my short clothing tip of the summer with you, especially for you that thinking of traveling in a very warm country like Greece for your holidays. I'm from Athens and I know how impossibly hot it gets there so I wanted to find something elegant, goth and light, to help me look nice during my time there. I knew I wanted a dress of some sort and... yes I found it.

This is an amazing dress from the Sweden rock e-shop and you can find it here: http://www.swedenrock-online.se/innocent-khorion-klaenning/art_247589/
I'm not affiliated in any way with this store. I just wanted to say that it was exactly what I needed. I was wearing it almost every day (yes yes washing it often of course) paired with my Dr.Marten boots. It is comfy, light and goth!
Perfect for darklings who want to travel to hot summer destinations!

You don't need to get the exact dress of course, but my advice is to look for something in that direction. Looks great as is or you can also match it with a pair of black leggings (short or long ones).

Enjoy your summer style and stay goth!


Gothic nails style

Well you can call it whatever you like. It's with no doubt a dark style and sometimes I call it gothic somethings EBM or Industrial, since I'm more of an EBM kind of girl.

Since my semi-permanent manicure I did a few weeks ago reached its final days it was high time I did something about it. So off with the old, in with the new. This time I decided to go for my classic black nail polish but with a little twist.

I'm using a Maybelline Color Show nail polish called Blackout and here is a picture of it:

And then I used this glittery stripes nail polish from Isadora, N.863

Both of them here:

So first I applied the black nail polish and after a few minutes, when it dried, I applied the glittery-stripes Isadora (I don't know if there is a better word for it, but it's glittery and they are stripes so there you have it :) ).

And here is the result. Cool yes?

Since I'm not a nails professional please pardon my amateur-manicure but I hope you like it and that it gives you some inspiration.

Experiment my friends and stay cool, stay goth!


A collection of beautiful gothic queens on Pinterest

Look at these beauties. I decided to search for Gothic queen to get some more elegant results and I was successful. I absolutely love this board!

Follow Nikki Poole-Lingo's board Goth Queen on Pinterest.

Dark goth girls Pinterest board

Yes I admit it, it's been a lazy weekend but I didn't give up on my goth habit on browsing around for goth-y stuff.

And I just discovered how to use Pinterest directly on blogger (I'll make a follow up post explaining exactly how to do it ;)

For now enjoy this amazing board with beautiful goth girls.

Follow Jet's board Dark Goth Girls on Pinterest.


VampireFreaks sales this weekend aka there goes my remaining money.

Well, well, well, look what arrived in my inbox today. Vampire freak is having a spring sale. ^_^

Just click and enjoy. I know I am.

Here are some items that are well on their way into my shopping cart.

Not a sales item but still adorable.

Omg, this one is so cute and perfect for the corporate goth in me :) Ideal for my meeting days.

And I know I seriously need a cool pair of pants and Tripp is my favourite brand, so I'm seriously thinking of buying this one.

(Note to self: Get on a diet. Not a starving one, just reduce the junk food a bit and get out and walk!!)

I know I know I should just do it. But having just started playing Elder scrolls online, and along with today's bad weather, training or just go out for a walk in the amazing nature is not the first thing on my mind. 
That being said, I should just get on finishing my order and get back to my game :)

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